Tip Of Borneo - Kudat

Ever seen the sun shine so bright that colors become pale and white? Welcome to the end of the world, or at least the end of Borneo.
Kudat is a very small village on the east coast where a little Christian Rungus communion lives and where you will find a lovely project: Tampat Do Aman. At this beautiful eco resort you can sleep in an authentic Rungus long house in the jungle and during the daytime you can swim in the tropical warm waters next to their restaurant at the beach while enjoying the lovely surroundings. 
Hop on a bike or go explore the mangroves and villages nearby. Walk to the 'Tip Of Borneo' point, a favorite amongst local tourists!
The snorkeling is not so bad either... It is a place where time lingers and saying goodbye will be put off as long as possible.
When you are done watching the most breathtaking sunsets, you can walk back to the jungle camp underneath a starry sky and maybe spot a Lori or two before the sounds of the night will soothe you to sleep.