Pakse, The Southern Swing

Here we go again, another motorbike trip! It was actually what I was thinking when Wannes decided he wanted to hit the road again. But, if the Thakek loop was beautiful, this trip was just absolutely stunning.

We started in Pakse and headed to the town Tat Lo, stopping at some waterfalls on the way. Tat Lo is really small, but the accommodation options are fantastic. We stayed at a guesthouse with views of Tat Hang waterfall. There are three waterfalls in this town, and some have great swimming options. Going swimming or relaxing at a waterfall in the afternoon is a great way to see the local families gathering to take a bath.

From Tat Lo we drove to Paksong via Sekong, where we arrived just when the last bit of sunlight disappeared. The road was a bit longer then expected, to be honest we stayed a bit to long swimming at the Tat Hia waterfall and the road between Ban Bengkhua Kham and Paksong took us a bit longer due to road constructions.
The sun was going down faster and faster and our gas was running low, We where so happy to find a hotel, even though it had no character, the room was a bit overpriced and their was a very, very loud Thai karaoke party. We had a bed and food and didn't have to look or ride in the dark.
The next day was an easy ride back to Pakse, allowing plenty of time to visit the Bolaven Plateau with its coffee plantations and stunning waterfalls. All the waterfalls are worth a visit as you can swim in most of them, the smaller less touristy ones are also beautiful and you can swim with hardly a soul around you.
This loop was definitely a highlight for us!