Temples of Angkor

Home to the worlds largest religious building Angkor Wat, this vast region is the most visited area in Asia. You only need a glimpse to understand why. We were blown away by the epic size of the different sites and temples. Having visited Bagan in Myanmar, we thought we had seen something like this before, how wrong we were.

After buying our 3 day pass we headed out to discover the temples. Since it was so hot we opted for a remork to drive us around, but we saw some very brave people biking around. One thing that was apparent from our first visit was that the detail and symmetry in all the temples is simply amazing. I haven't seen anything like this, ever. You understand why the Khmers are so proud of Angkor.

The only negative thing we could point out would be the massive crowds, and by massive we mean over the top, ridiculous, are you freakin kidding me... At certain points we would be surrounded by half the population of China. The worst crowd is the one at the "can't miss this" sunrise at Angkor Wat. It really changes the experience, which is a shame because it is a beautiful sight. Just don't get your hopes up about being alone somewhere and you will not be disappointed!

Except for the crowds, Angkor is very enjoyable. Try to escape the heat during midday and you'll enjoy it even more. And be a bit weary if your driver takes you to a lunch place, we once ended up in a very overpriced 'local' little restaurant... Take a look at the menu first!