Tawau - Tarakan

We crossed the border to Indonesia in Tawau. Getting our visa was a bit stressful as the computer system in the tiny Indonesian embassy in Tawau kept on crashing. They were very curious about our plans, how did we find out we could get our visa in Tawau?
Luckily, after a couple of days we had our visa and boarded the boat to Tarakan, Indonesia. 
What is there to do in Tarakan? Not much, Tarakan is mainly a destination for Malay and Indonesian business men. There is, however, a little nature reserve where the Proboscis Monkey can be found. They get food in the little mangrove forest, so you have a very good chance of seeing them from close by. As a foreigner chances are you will be the biggest attraction here en elsewhere in Tarakan. Not many tourists pass through, so they won't let you leave unnoticed! After a couple days, we took the plane to Sulawesi from what must be one of the smallest airports ever.