What a city! Singapore is different in many ways. It's neat and organized, huge and humid. You have the feeling that this is a place where important things are happening. It is very apparent that this is a business orientated city. No comfortable clothing here, people go to work dressed as if they are ready to walk the red carpet. 

But even in this fancy atmosphere we found a true Asian vibe. Visit one of the many food markets (we ate a good Haianees chicken and rice at the Maxwell hawker food), go find the cheapest beer in town in a Chinese hawker court and explore the many sights this city has to offer. The light show at the Marina Bay is well worth your time, if you're lucky you can even grab a free open air concert with that Bay as a beautiful backdrop.
Singapore is also home to a couple of fantastic museums. We visited the Asian Civilizations Museum, which houses an enormous collection of Pan-Asian and ethnic art. The collection is well displayed, with lots of interactivity. Another museum we liked was the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), a contemporary art space. The highlight of our short stop here (cause let's face it, it is expensive to hang around...) were The Gardens By the Bay. This garden city is nothing less than impressive. The supertrees create an 'out of this world' landscape. Breathtaking.