We had to adjust the image we had of Borneo whilst on the road. We expected rough jungle and fierce wildlife, but the wilderness made way for endless fields of palm oil plantations and what's left of it, is gathered in national parks. Don't mistake me, it is beautiful and worth visiting, but it is also an eye opener. Someone once told me that if you see many wild animals, it means they have no place for hiding. So it's actually a good thing if you come back from a wildlife trip disappointed. 
We stayed in Sandakan and not in Sepilok, where the nature reserve is. It's cheaper to stay in the city, and it's an easy and inexpensive trip with the 'mini bas' to Sepilok where you can watch the Urang Utangs and the Sun Bears. And, even though the animals are gathered in parks, it is incredible when you spot an Urang Utang moving through the canopy right above your head.