Phu Quoc

While staying on Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia, we fell in love with the tropical island life. Looking to extend our mellow vibe we decided to start our Vietnamese adventure on the island Phu Quoc. An island that has been disputed fiercely between Vietnam and Cambodia. 

We were hoping for deserted beaches and quiet village life. This was not entirely the case, a large part south of Duong Dong is just one new resort next to another. The buildings are scattered all over Long Beach without any sense of urban planning. It's quite characterless and you might even say ugly. Everything is set-up for tourist and while doing so they seemed to sell part of the islands soul. However, there are some beautiful undeveloped spots left, maybe not for long as Vietnam would like to see Phu Quoc become their own Phuket.

Since we had some extra time on our hands we decided not to be let down by the sore sights of Long Beach and felt like we should go out and discover the rest of the island. With some local tips on hand we drove across the few main roads that connect the islands villages and ports. This is when we discovered the islands true beauty: wonderful tropical beaches, quaint fishermen villages and stunning jungle crossing roads. It takes you about a 15 min drive in either direction and you will find a whole new Phu Quoc. Of course here and there you will notice large scale construction going on and new roads are being build along the existing ones, but even these 'interruptions' can't fade the beautiful wilderness that is Phu Quoc. 

The fresh market of Duong Dong is worth a visit, so is the night market for good and fresh seafood. The best beaches can be found in the south east, Sao beach is beautiful. Heading up north you can make a loop that takes you through some jungle, you can drive straight through the national park and at the northern end you will find some nice empty beaches. In the end you will spent much more time here then planned.