Another historical beauty of peninsular Malaysia. Because of its strategic historical harbor, Melakka is enormously influenced over the years. The Dutch ruled this place and the Chinese, Indian and Indonesian tradesmen also left their mark. Melakka is a melting pot of cultures and the city center is a protected Unesco Heritage site with beautiful places to visit. The historical center is easy and small enough to walk.
Do visit some of the old Chinese shophouses and drink a beer along the Melakka river at night. As in KL and Georgetown the Indian restaurants are a safe bet and offer huge, incredibly cheap banana leaf meals. There is a lovely Chinese restaurant in Jalan Tukang Emas, opposite the mosque, that opens up for breakfast where you can indulge on the steamed barbecued pork buns which we always crave since we went to China. We had a fantastic stay in the Riverview guesthouse.