The city isn't exactly what you would call stunning. Concrete buildings dominate the city. But, there are a couple of sights here that are worth visiting, most out of the city center. Sunrise over the world largest teak bridge, U Bein bridge, is reason enough to rise up early and see the fisherman get out on the water together with the first light. It will be difficult to find a similar photogenic scene as when the monks cross the bridge while the sun is coming up and the mist floats the water.
In the middle of the old town you can find the city palace. For us it wasn't impressive enough to visit, so you could skip it and skip the entrance fee that comes with it. The local live is vibrant around the market area in 86 street where all kind of goods are being sold by women whose cheeks are white from thanaka and the smile from ear to ear when you greet them with Mingalaba.It is interesting to see the gold pounders at work, only to know how much force it takes to make the leaves, just be sure to avoid the big tour groups, but that goes for every sight in Myanmar.