Semporna - Mabul

We arrived at the destination we were looking forward to the most. Semporna is the gateway to Mabul and Sipidan, one of the worlds highest regarded places for diving. We were glad that we travelled to Mabul the next day, cause in contrast to the pristine underwater sights, Semporna is not the most idyllic place.
But what a contrast Mabul is. It's a tiny island with its own fantastic house reef, even while snorkeling we were able to spot turtles, and home to a couple resorts and the Bajau people, stateless sea nomads. Take a walk in their colorful village and watch them making lepa lepa, beautiful boats. Scuba Junkie has a couple of turtle hatcheries at the end of the pier that are worth checking out.
We did our advanced diving course with Scuba Junkie and it was superb! It's more fun and less work then the open water course, so we had time to enjoy every minute of it. The marine life is thrilling: huge coral gardens, steep walls, a lot of marine life, in short the dive spots are incredible.