Luang Prabang

Every time we meet fellow travelers, they are all equally enthusiastic about this lovely place. We can confidently say we couldn't agree more, it truly is a gem. Old French colonial architecture is scattered throughout the city. Being an UNESCO World Heritage town and therefor not allowing any buses or trucks in the center means it nice and quite. Ideal for some slow paced sightseeing. Walking through the calm and surprisingly clean streets is a real treat.

We also really enjoyed walking along the river banks, both the Mekong and Nam Khan river wrap around Luang Prabang so there are plenty of beautiful sights at the waterfront. The sunset at the northern tip, across the bamboo bridge was a real favorite of ours. A great place to enjoy a cold Beer Lao.
We took some time and relaxed here, enjoyed some great fusion food and even better wines. Visited a few sights (there aren't that many to begin with). One sight that absolutely stood out was the majestic Tat Kuang Si. This impressive waterfall is a great escape form the city, you can even have a swim here. Luang Prabang is a great place and an absolute must when in Laos, take your time to unwind here.