Luang Namtha

Our first stop in Laos was Luang Namtha, a small town in the identically named northern province. The town is synonymous with eco-/ethnic trekking, so you can find many companies providing guided tours, day treks, multiple days in the jungle...Most tours offer you the opportunity to enjoy a full day of jungle trekking followed by a home stay at one of the few remaining minority villages located within the national park, after a good nights sleep you will trek until lunch towards your pick-up site. This by far the most popular of all the packages. Since it was our first jungle trek we opted for the 'moderate' 2 day jungle trek and ethnic experience.

We applied at a lovely local run agency, they explained our route, provided us with some useful tips regarding our day packs and what we shouldn't forget. Knowing we had a big day ahead of us we turned in early that night. The next day we met our guide, a friendly young man named Deng. He would turnout to be one of the best parts of our trekking experience.

We had a great time trekking through the jungle and really enjoyed experiencing a village home stay, although we must say one cold and noisy night was enough. As we said, Deng our guide, was the best part of the whole 2 days. We learned a lot from him, loved his story and loved his jungle style cooking even more.