Kuala Lumpur

In many ways KL seems to have caught our attention. All of a sudden we find ourselves amid a true urban jungle. Skyscrapers with patches of tropical plants in between and the air is humid.  A city where you can have a fancy drink at a skybar watching a thunderstorm passing by, visit a tropical birds zoo or butterfly park and eat street food at the local market, doesn't that sound fantastic?
With Chinatown, Little India, several mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, but also lots and lots of old colonial buildings, KL grasps the history and future of Malaysia and is truly a very interesting city.

The city has some nice museums on offer, the National Textiles Museum exhibits gorgeous Malay ethnic textiles. Another one of our favorites is the Islamic Arts Museum. They have a huge collection of Islamic decorative arts and is highly regarded.

Our favorite lunch place was at Woodlands in Little India where you can eat tasty (and cheap!) veggie platters. Petalling Street was a bit busy and touristy, we believe, but if you head to the little supermarkets a bit further there are some hawkers in front of the shops where you can indulge in good Chinese street food. Food courts are always a good guess and they are never far away.