Kampot and Kep

Kampot is a mellow place where you can soak up the colonial atmosphere. There are some old French buildings left, although very often in a state of neglect. Strolling the streets is basically the main activity here.

We rented a motorbike and drove up to Bokor National Park, the ride is magnificent, keep your eyes open as you can spot some nice birds like Hornbills.
On your way to the top you encounter some strange development sites such as a huge resort, casino and houses which just seem a bit out of place. The French left their mark at The Bokor Hill Station where you can visit an old church and the old casino, which offer magnificent views over the park, the coast and the Vietnamese island Phu Quoc.

Make sure you visit a pepper farm and buy some of the famous Kampot pepper.

Kep is just 20 km farther and its main attraction is the crab market. The market is very atmospheric, especially next to the water where the locals haggle to get a good price on their crab, get it cooked on one of the wood fires and nibble on it the rest of the afternoon. Our favorite at the the crab shacks was the crab with green Kampot pepper.

Kep is easily visited from Kampot, but it's nice to stay a couple of days to take in the abandoned and looted mid-20th-century villa's which give the town a strange feel.