Ho Chi Minh City, what a great and bustling place. We started off alone and then we were accompanied by a friend, in total we spent over a week walking the streets, tasting the street food and sampling the various bia spots. With the backpacker district as our base we were already set smack dab in the middle of town making our discovering journeys easy and not too far apart. 

In our opinion HCMC boasts a great mix of culture, entertainment, nightlife and tonnes and tonnes of delicious food, the lather applying to the whole of Vietnam. In and around backpackers district you will be spoilt for choice, try the famous Bahn Mi Paté (the best place in town is Bahn Mi Huynh Hoa, 26 Le Thi Rieng). Pho, beef noodle soup is by far the most popular dish, enjoyed many many bowls. Try out a cooking course it's great fun, even when your hangover. 

We visited most museums and sights. Many of which are set in heritage buildings that still evoke the grandness of their colonial past. The reunification palace was the sightseeing pinnacle of our stay in HCMC. A stunning, well proportioned piece of modern architecture. The massive hallways and grand rooms are a real treat to walk along. We had a beer on the roof, overlooking the helipad and the surrounding neighborhood, it's said the rooftop turns into a club on weekend nights. A stroll through charismatic Cholon, China town, offers a great way to escape the larger boulevards and high rises. Yet again fantastic food is abundant here. 

There isn't much that the city has going against it, maybe the heat, which sometimes really is unbearable and the dense motorbike traffic, I pictured myself kicking a few of those motorbikes at least a couple of times.