We were told this is one of the favourite honeymoon destinations for Vietnamese newlyweds. It's high up in the mountains, about 1500 meter, the climate is mild and it can get quite cold at nights making it a great place to cuddle, so say the Vietnamese.

Dalat isn't only known as a honeymoon destination, but is also famous for its flowers, markets full of fresh produce and of course Dalat wine. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to visit the surrounding scenery, we heard a great many things about beautiful lakes and picturesque landscapes that can be found around Dalat.

We instead stuck to Dalat itself, taking ample time to stroll around the immense markets and sampling some of the great food. These markets are packed to the rafters with vegetables, fresh and salt water fish, meat and poultry and all kinds of useful or semi useful household items.

You can also find some great examples of French Colonial villas dotted throughout the town. We visited the old railway station, which is only used as a novelty running a train between Dalat and Trai Mat located eight km north. Despite the inside being ruined with revamp attempts the station is still really decorative.
Bao Dai's Summer Palace is also worth a visit, the grounds aren't really impressive, but the house and layout are a treat. A lot of the 1933s features still remain intact adding to the experience. We searched high and low for a nice bar, but couldn't find anything decent, as it turns out Dalat is a quiet mountain retreat and not a night life hub. Definitely worth a visit even if it is just to escape that overwhelming heat for a weekend.