The 4000 Islands

This was our last stop in Laos before crossing the border to Cambodia. The 4000 islands are the perfect place to relax. We chose to stay on Don Khon, Don Det is the backpacker place, but it changed the island in a soulless touristy spot with a bit to many 'happy' places. Don Khon is touristy as well, but it's more serene. From your hammock you don't see tubers passing by but local kids taking a swim in the river, boys fishing or families bathing.
You have a bit of a village vibe wandering the streets. You can hire a bicycle and ride to the waterfalls or visit small beaches on the island.

We enjoyed a kayaking trip on the Mekong river. Its easygoing and you might spot the rare endangered Irrawaddy dolphins, we did! Unfortunately we heard about some plans to build a dam in this area witch would endanger these wonderful species even more. Lets hope it wont come to that.

Time goes slow on these islands, a good way to prepare for our next destination. We were not expecting Laos in total to be this beautiful, not hearing to many things about it. Laos is a top country to visit, you wont regret it.